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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Workspace

My new workspace, set up at one end of the living room.. My Michael was great - he wouldn't rest until I was all set up. He found two lightweight picnic tables, each one folds in half, so they are easy to store or transport. Not a bad place to work. This morning I have the doors open, immediately to the left and to the right, not in photo. I do have to watch that a strong breeze doesn't come along and blow my work out to sea! My living room is now in a perpetual state of fuzziness from all the fibers (as if that is something new)!

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  1. your new blog is looking good. I love the new workspace! Thanks for making my blog one of your favorites. you are really branching out and I'm very proud of you and your new endeavors! I LOVE PEACOCK colors, by the way, remember my first tattoo?