Featuring one-of-a-kind wearable works of art created by a unique process called Nuno felting. This technique, done by hand, bonds pure silk fabric with luxurious fibers to create brand new fabrics which are drapable, lightweight and sheer.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Handpainted Nuno "Watercolor"

Recently, I began to experiment with first making an item from un-dyed fibers and then hand painting the dye on after the felting stage was done. I made a small scarf and was very pleased with the result. So, I jumped right in and made a top next! Below is the result, layers of silk gauze, under and over the merino wool. Embellished with handspun silk yarn, banana fiber, China silk and more gauze.

I used a dye for protein fibers. The large un-dyed "sizzles" are banana fibers. Banana, being cellulose, did not pick up the dye. This effect was intentional.

The fringe is made from strips of silk and the "corkscrews" of  overspun yarn.

Rosettes embellish the side.

Back view. It is interesting how the individual elements picked up the dye differently. A happy surprise!

Closeup of "ruffles" and the "brocade" effect of hand spun silk. I definitely want to explore this new technique further!